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About Us.

We are one of Kenya’s oldest frozen foods manufacturer currently supplying all the major hotels and restaurants in the country.

Sous Chef

Sous Chef Ltd has over the last 30 years been serving most leading hotels, restaurants and caterers in Kenya regularly with their mouth watering, high quality foods. 

They are known for tantalizing taste buds at cocktail parties, events, weddings and conferences. 

ISO 22000 certified, Halal with dedicated areas to prepare vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods to prevent any cross-contamination, Sous Chef is a one stop shop for everything food.

Please contact us for other “off the menu” items like madazis, tartlet cases, ravioli, tortilla wraps, quiches and hash browns. We are also happy to work with you on any special requests.

Our Food Policy

Strict adherence to hygiene and sanitation policies and processes is at the core of our every food manufacturing process. PPE equipment is compulsory at any given time and extra precaution has been put into place to take care of COVID-19 measures. Regular audits are carried out with our suppliers to always ensure fresh, quality products are used in our foods.

Our Core Values

To continuously supply premium quality food products to the Kenyan and wider African market through various channels, backed by a fully trained and experienced team able to deliver superior levels of customer service.

They All Love Our Food

We value the people who craft our food
with so much love and dedication, and that love definitely oozes out in every bite you take.

All your food items are so delicious, varieties of food, samosas.
Nev Jiwani
Group MD, Go Places
Those fetas samosas- A1! The girls ate them like sweets.
Tina Njonjo
Sous Chef Fan
Thank you Sous Chef, the waffles were gooood!
Andrew Miller
Owner, Get Boda.
Sous Chef Samosas are so yummmy!
Tizika Musyoka
Sous Chef Fan